JHU CSSE COVID-19 Daily Updates
Dataset published by xristosk 

Integrating this Qri Dataset

You can put xristosk/global_daily_covid19_updates_jhu to work in your favorite data tools. Use the snippets and links below to integrate this dataset.

CSV Download Link

Qri.cloud has an API, and you can use it to get a CSV of the dataset body. If the dataset is ever updated, this URL will always get you the latest version:


Web-based Visualization Tools

You can use this in any place that takes a CSV from a URL:

  • Datawrapper - A tool for everyone who wants to show their data in beautiful charts and maps
  • kepler.gl - A data-agnostic, high-performance web app for visual exploration of spatial datasets. (You'll need spatial data in your dataset to use this)

Python/Jupyter (pandas)

import pandas as pd
data = pd.read_csv('https://api.qri.cloud/get/xristosk/global_daily_covid19_updates_jhu/body.csv?all=true')

Pulling a CSV from the API is a quick way to get started. When you're ready to do more advanced operations, there is a qri python library that you can use to integrate data from your local qri node.

R/RStudio (tidyverse)

data = read_csv(https://api.qri.cloud/get/xristosk/global_daily_covid19_updates_jhu/body.csv?all=true)

PostgreSQL (pgfutter)

curl 'https://api.qri.cloud/get/xristosk/global_daily_covid19_updates_jhu/body.csv?all=true' > body.csv
pgfutter --db "myDatabase" --port "5432" --user "postgres" --pw "mySecretPassword" csv body.csv


Qri.cloud also hosts xristosk/global_daily_covid19_updates_jhu on the peer-to-peer network, and you can copy the entire dataset to your local environment using Qri CLI with one command.

$ qri pull xristosk/global_daily_covid19_updates_jhu

Once you've pulled the dataset, you can export the body using qri get

$ qri get body xristosk/global_daily_covid19_updates_jhu > body.csv

More Integrations

Check out the Integrations section in the Qri docs for more ways to connect qri to your favorite data tools! Is there another compatible data tool we should add to this page? Let us know! Drop us a line on twitter or hop into our public discord.