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A table of modified and new datasets on NYC's Open Data Portal

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A table of modified and new datasets on NYC’s Open Data Portal

The first version shows the difference between the catalog between 24 February 2020 and 19 February 2020. If there is interest, I plan to automate the versioning of this dataset to run daily.

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1updatedVehicles days
2updatedHOME-STAT Weekly Dashboard days
3updatedFacilities Database - Shapefile days
4updatedDetention and Placement Incident Reports days
5updatedParks Inspection Program – Element Tracking days
6updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Line Item Expenditures by Month of Legal Services Contracted Providers days
7updatedCity Owned and Leased Property (COLP) days
8updatedLocal Law 37 - DHS Report days
9updatedVZV_Priority Intersections days
10updatedLION days
11updatedFHV Base Aggregate Report days
12updatedDOHMH Beach Water Quality Data days
13updatedWaterfront Access Map Data: Shapefile days
14updatedDOB Violations days
15updatedBuildings by Borough and Community District days
16updatedCommunity Development Block Grant (CDBG) Eligibility by Census Tract - FGDB days
17updatedDOHMH New York City Restaurant Inspection Results days
18updatedStreet Closures due to construction activities by Intersection days
19updatedDSNY Districts With Disposal Vendor Assignments days
20updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Service Units by Month of Home Delivered Meals Contracted Providers days
21updatedWork Order Management Module days
22updatedCapital Projects Tracker days
23updatedWater and Sewer Permits days
24updatedNYC Condom Availability Program - HIV condom distribution locations days
25updatedForestry Inspections days
26updatedDrivers and Attendants days
27updatedBorough Engineering Tracking System days
28updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Line Item Expenditures by Month of Home Delivered Meals Contracted Providers days
29updatedDOB NOW: Safety Boiler days
30updatedParks Concessions days
31updatedZoning Map Index: Quartersection days
32updatedHousing Litigations days
33updatedCharges days
34updatedParking Meters GPS Coordinates and Status days
35updatedParks Inspection Program – Feature Ratings days
36updatedCanine Waste Dispensers days
37updatedHealth Areas days
38updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Service Units by Month of Senior Center Contracted Providers days
39updatedStreet Hail Livery (SHL) Drivers - Active days
40updatedBike Share Inspections days
41updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Service Units by Month of Transportation Contracted Providers days
42updatedObservations And Statuses For Inspections days
43updatedNYC Open Data: Public Dataset Requests days
44updatedRecoupment for Damaged City-owned Property days
45updatedDOB ECB Violations days
46updatedNYC Parks Events Listing – Event Images days
47updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) All Contracted Providers days
48updatedDSNY Districts days
49updatedNYC Parks Monuments days
50updatedInmate Admissions days
51updatedEvictions days
52updatedHIV Testing Locations days
53updatedDaily Inmates In Custody days
54updatedPolice Precincts days
55updatedVZV_Street Improvement Projects (SIPs) intersections days
56updatedVZV_Speed Humps days
57updatedStaff Injuries - Class A Injuries days
58updatedVZV_Taxi & Car Service Trainings days
59updatedVZV_Speed Limits days
60newForestry Planting Spaces
61updatedTrade Waste Hauler Licensees days
62updatedParks Inspection Program – Inventory days
63updatedWholesale Markets days
64updatedWeights, Measures, and Other Tests days
65updatedCEQR Project Milestones days
66updatedLeaf Drop-Off Locations in NYC days
67updatedAsset Management Parks System (AMPS) - Work Orders days
68updatedDSNY Disposal Vendors days
69updatedOEM Emergency Notifications days
70updatedPreK Vendors by Transportation Site days
71updatedFor Hire Vehicles (FHV) - Active days
72updatedLocal Law 7-2018 Qualified Transactions days
73updatedRoutes days
74updatedInmate Discharges days
75updatedNeighborhood Names GIS days
76updatedParks Inspection Program – Comfort Stations days Domain Registrations days
78updatedStreet Construction Permits - Fee days
79updatedAnnual Overweight Load (AOL) Permits Stipulations days
80updatedDOHMH Indoor Environmental Complaints days
81updatedSpeed Reducer Tracking System (SRTS) days
82updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Line Item Expenditures by Month of Elderly Abuse and Prevention Contracted Providers days
83updatedLocal Law 8 of 2020 Report – Monthly Complaints of Illegal Parking of Vehicles Operated on Behalf of the City days
84updatedParks Inspection Program – Construction Information days
85updatedComplaint Problems days
86updatedSelf Hauler Registrants days
87newCivil Service List Certification
88updatedNYC City Council Committee Membership days
89updatedSpeculation Watch List days
90updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Service Units by Month of Elderly Abuse and Crime Prevention Contracted Providers days
91updatedHealth Center Districts days
92updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Service Units by Month of Case Management Agency Contracted Providers days
93updatedNYC Council Constituent Services days
94updatedProperty Address Directory days
95updatedForestry Work Orders days
96updatedDepartment for the Aging (DFTA) Reported Line Item Expenditures by Month of NORC Services Contracted Providers days
97updatedNYC Permitted Event Information - Historical days
98updatedMotor Vehicle Collisions - Vehicles days
99updatedZoning Map Index: Section days
100updatedDOB Certificate Of Occupancy days
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