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List of hikes and attributes including length, difficulty and location. This dataset is planned to be expanded upon with additional attributes like ease of access, size of trail heads, etc.







List of hikes and attributes including length, difficulty and location

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ParkHike_NameRegionStateLength (mi)DifficultyFeaturesDogsPublic_TransportationTime (hrs)Route_TypeDistance_From_NYC (mi)Fees
1Abram Hewitt State ForestBearfort Ridge/Quail Trail Loop from Warwick TurnpikeBearfort Ridge and WawayandaNJ6Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash4.5Circuit47
2Abram Hewitt State ForestState Line Trail/Ernest Walter Trail/A.T. Loop from Greenwood Lake MarinaBearfort Ridge and WawayandaNJ4.1Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash4Circuit48
3Allaire State ParkAllaire State Park North of the Manasquan RiverJersey ShoreNJ7.8Easy to ModerateHistoric feature, WoodsAllowed on leash4Circuit51
4Allaire State ParkAllaire State ParkJersey ShoreNJ4EasyHistoric featureAllowed on leash2.5Circuit52
5Allaire State ParkPinelands Forest Easy WalkJersey ShoreNJ5EasyViewsAllowed on leash2.5Circuit52
6Allamuchy Mountain State ParkDeer Park Trail to Deer Park PondKittatinniesNJ6.1Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash4Lollipop58
7Allamuchy Mountain State ParkDeer Park Pond LoopKittatinniesNJ4EasyViews, WoodsAllowed on leash2Circuit58
8Appalachian National Scenic TrailAppalachian Trail North of Route 17A in Warwick, NYLong Distance TrailsNY4.8ModerateViewsAllowed on leash3Out and back52
9Appalachian National Scenic TrailAppalachian Trail - Kent, CT to Cornwall Bridge, CTConnecticutCT9.9Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash7Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation107
10Appalachian National Scenic TrailAppalachian Trail on Bellvale MountainLong Distance TrailsNY7.1StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash6Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation52
11Appalachian National Scenic TrailCat Rocks and Nuclear Lake on Appalachian Trail in Dutchess County NYLong Distance TrailsNY12.7StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash7.5Lollipop85
12Appalachian National Scenic TrailAppalachian Trail - Hoyt Road, NY to Conn. 341, Kent, CTSouthern TaconicsNY11.5StrenuousViews, Waterfall, WoodsAllowed on leash7Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation98
13Appalachian National Scenic TrailTotts Gap to Wolf Rocks on the Appalachian TrailPocono Mountains (PA)PA8.5ModerateViewsAllowed on leash5Out and back82
14Apshawa PreserveSouthern Loop at Apshawa PreserveWyanokiesNJ3.5ModerateHistoric feature, Views, WaterfallAllowed on leash3Circuit38
15Apshawa PreserveNorthern Loop around Butler ReservoirWyanokiesNJ4ModerateViewsAllowed on leash3Circuit38
16Belleplain State ForestEast Creek TrailPinelandsNJ7EasyBikes allowedAllowed on leash4Circuit145
17Big Pocono State ParkBig Pocono State ParkPocono Mountains (PA)PA8ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash4Lollipop96
18Black Creek PreserveBlack Creek PreserveShawangunk MountainsNY2.5Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash1.5Lollipop100
19Black River County ParkBlack River/Bamboo Brook Trail LoopMorris CountyNJ6.4ModerateHistoric feature, WaterfallAllowed on leash4Lollipop49
20Black Rock ForestBlack Rock Mountain/Hill of Pines/Rattlesnake Hill Loop from Mine Hill RoadStorm King and Black Rock ForestNY8.4StrenuousSwimming, ViewsAllowed on leash6Circuit62
21Black Rock ForestMt. Misery/Hill of Pines/Rattlesnake Hill/Black Rock Mountain LoopStorm King and Black Rock ForestNY7.5Moderate to StrenuousViews, WaterfallAllowed on leash5.5Circuit64
22Black Rock ForestBlack Rock Mountain and Sphagnum Pond Loop from Mine Hill RoadStorm King and Black Rock ForestNY5ModerateViewsAllowed on leash3.5Circuit62
23Black Rock ForestWhitehorse and Black Rock Mountains from Reservoir RoadStorm King and Black Rock ForestNY6Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash4Circuit64
24Black Rock ForestSutherland Pond/Scenic Trail/Eagle Cliff Loop from Mine Hill RoadStorm King and Black Rock ForestNY6.5ModerateHistoric feature, Swimming, ViewsAllowed on leash4Circuit62
25Black Rock ForestBlack Rock Mountain Loop from Reservoir Road TrailheadStorm King and Black Rock ForestNY5.2Moderate to StrenuousViews, WaterfallAllowed on leash3Circuit64
26Black Rock ForestScenic Trail to Jupiter's BoulderStorm King and Black Rock ForestNY3Easy to ModerateViews, Waterfall, WoodsAllowed on leash1.5Out and back61
27Blue Mountain ReservationBlue Mountain Reservation LoopWestchester CountyNY5Easy to ModerateBikes allowed, ViewsAllowed on leash3.5Circuit51
28Blydenburgh County ParkStump Pond Loop TrailLong IslandNY5.4EasyHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash3Circuit55
29Bronx River Parkway ReservationBronx River PathwayWestchester CountyNY9.8EasyViewsAllowed on leash6Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation36
30Butler Memorial SanctuaryButler Memorial Sanctuary (Mt. Kisco, NY)Westchester CountyNY3.5Easy to ModerateViews, WoodsAllowed on leash2.5Circuit48
31Buttermilk Falls County ParkButtermilk Falls and Long Path in Rockland CountyRockland CountyNY4ModerateViews, WaterfallAllowed on leash2Circuit34
32Buttermilk Falls County ParkButtermilk Falls in Rockland CountyRockland CountyNY1.2Easy to ModerateViews, WaterfallAllowed on leash1Circuit34
33Camp JeffersonCamp Jefferson (Lake Hopatcong, N.J.)Morris CountyNJ1.5Easy to ModerateWoodsAllowed on leash1.5Circuit47
34Campgaw Mountain County ReservationHemlock/Rocky Ridge/Old Cedar Trail Loop at Campgaw MountainRamapo MountainsNJ2.8Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash2Circuit33
35Campgaw Mountain County ReservationRocky Ridge Trail LoopRamapo MountainsNJ1.7Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash1.5Circuit33
36Campgaw Mountain County ReservationRocky Ridge/Old Cedar Trail/Backslope Loop in Campgaw Mountain County ReservationRamapo MountainsNJ3.5ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash2.5Circuit33
37Campgaw Mountain County ReservationOld Cedar Trail Loop in Campgaw Mountain County ReservationRamapo MountainsNJ3.2Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash2Circuit33
38Campgaw Mountain County ReservationOld Cedar/Silver/Rocky Ridge Trails Loop in Campgaw Mountain County ReservationRamapo MountainsNJ3Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash2Circuit33
39Capoolong Creek Wildlife Management AreaLansdown and Capoolong Creek TrailsCentral JerseyNJ5.4EasyHistoric feature, WoodsAllowed on leash2Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation63
40Catskill ParkBalsam Mountain Catskill High PeakCatskillsNY5.2StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash4.5Circuit130
41Catskill ParkShavertown Trail on Perch Lake Mountain in CatskillsCatskillsNY5.3ModerateViewsAllowed off leash4Out and back136
42Catskill ParkPlateau Mountain Via Warner Creek TrailCatskillsNY8StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash8Circuit130
43Catskill ParkPeekamoose and Table MountainsCatskillsNY9.2StrenuousViews, Waterfall, WoodsAllowed off leash6Out and back112
44Catskill ParkBalsam Lake Mountain from Beaver Kill RoadCatskillsNY4.4StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash3Circuit125
45Catskill ParkLong Path over Romer MountainCatskillsNY12StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash8Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation122
46Catskill ParkWindham High PeakCatskillsNY6.4StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash4.5Out and back144
47Catskill ParkTouchmenot Mountain (Catskills)CatskillsNY5Moderate to StrenuousViews, WoodsAllowed off leash3.5Circuit132
48Catskill ParkDevils Path East SectionCatskillsNY13.1Very StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash14Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation131
49Catskill ParkSlide Mountain (Highest Peak in Catskills) LoopCatskillsNY6.8StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash4.5Circuit121
50Catskill ParkCatskill Escarpment Loop (North) from Scutt Road (North/South Lake)CatskillsNY7.2ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash5Circuit135
51Catskill ParkPlatte Clove to Overlook Mountain via Codfish Point and Echo LakeCatskillsNY13Moderate to StrenuousHistoric feature, Views, WaterfallAllowed off leash8Out and back129
52Catskill ParkGiant Ledge and PantherCatskillsNY6.6StrenuousViews5.5Out and back122
53Catskill ParkSugarloaf MountainCatskillsNY7StrenuousHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash6Circuit130
54Catskill ParkKanape Brook and Ashokan High PointCatskillsNY9.2StrenuousHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed off leash6Lollipop113
55Catskill ParkMud Pond/Trout Pond LoopCatskillsNY4.8ModerateSwimmingAllowed off leash3Circuit132
56Catskill ParkHunter Mountain via Spruceton TrailCatskillsNY8StrenuousHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed off leash6Circuit134
57Catskill ParkCatskills Frick Pond Loop Via Quick Lake, Big Rock and Loggers Loop TrailsCatskillsNY2.2EasyViewsAllowed off leash2Lollipop122
58Catskill ParkNorth-South Lake/Escarpment Trail Loop HikeCatskillsNY10.3Moderate to StrenuousHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash7.5Circuit135
59Catskill ParkWindham High Peak via Burnt KnobCatskillsNY7.3StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash5Out and back143
60Catskill ParkKaaterskill FallsCatskillsNY1Easy to ModerateWaterfallAllowed on leash1Out and back134
61Catskill ParkBlackhead Mountain LoopCatskillsNY5StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash4Circuit143
62Catskill ParkAcra Point and Batavia Kill LoopCatskillsNY5.2Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash3Circuit143
63Catskill ParkWest Kill MountainCatskillsNY6.8StrenuousViews, WaterfallAllowed off leash6Out and back134
64Catskill ParkCatskill Escarpment Loop (South) from Scutt Road (North/South Lake)CatskillsNY4.7ModerateHistoric feature, Swimming, ViewsAllowed on leash3.5Circuit135
65Catskill ParkIndian Head Mountain LoopCatskillsNY7.8StrenuousViewsAllowed off leash6.5Circuit129
66Catskill ParkHunter Mountain via Becker Hollow TrailCatskillsNY5StrenuousHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed off leash4.5Out and back133
67Cattus Island County ParkCattus IslandJersey ShoreNJ3.2EasyViewsAllowed on leash2Circuit67
68Celery Farm Nature PreserveCelery Farm Nature PreserveRamapo MountainsNJ1EasyViewsNo Dogs1Circuit30
69Cheesequake State ParkCheesequake Hardwood Forest LoopJersey ShoreNJ3EasyViewsAllowed on leash1.5Circuit31
70Cheesequake State ParkCheesequake State Park LoopJersey ShoreNJ3.1Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash2Circuit31
71Closter Nature CenterCloster Nature Center Short HikePalisadesNJ0.8EasyWoodsAllowed on leash1Circuit24
72Closter Nature CenterCloster Nature CenterPalisadesNJ2.2EasyWoodsAllowed on leash1Circuit24
73Connetquot River State Park PreserveLong Island Greenbelt TrailLong IslandNY15.4ModerateHistoric feature, WaterfallNo Dogs7.5Shuttle/Two car or Public Transportation57
74Continental Soldiers ParkLake Henry Trail in Continental Soldiers Park (Mahwah, NJ)Ramapo MountainsNJ1EasyViewsNo Dogs0.5Circuit36
75Cranberry Lake PreserveCranberry Lake Preserve LoopWestchester CountyNY3EasyHistoric featureNo Dogs2Circuit37
76Cushetunk Mountain Nature PreserveCushetunk Mountain PreserveCentral JerseyNJ6.8Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash4Lollipop54
77Dater Mountain Nature ParkDater Mountain Nature ParkHarriman-Bear Mountain State ParksNY2.5Easy to ModerateViews, WoodsAllowed on leash2Circuit43
78Delaware and Raritan State ParkKingston to Rocky Hill LoopCentral JerseyNJ4EasyAccessible, Historic featureAllowed on leash2Circuit52
79Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaMcDade Recreational Trail – Pitman Orchard to ConashaughPocono Mountains (PA)PA4.2Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash2Out and back77
80Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaRattlesnake Swamp Trail/Appalachian Trail Loop from Millbrook RoadKittatinniesNJ5.3ModerateViewsAllowed on leash3Circuit73
81Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaCliff Park and Hackers FallsPocono Mountains (PA)PA6.8Easy to ModerateHistoric feature, Views, WaterfallAllowed on leash4Lollipop77
82Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaBlue Mountain Lake, Hemlock Pond via Woods RoadsKittatinniesNJ5EasyViewsAllowed on leash3Circuit72
83Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaOrchard/Pioneer Trails and Van Campens Glen Loop from Millbrook VillageKittatinniesNJ6Easy to ModerateHistoric feature, Views, WaterfallAllowed on leash4Circuit73
84Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaMt. Minsi Loop via the Appalachian TrailPocono Mountains (PA)PA5.4Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash3Circuit81
85Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaMcDade Recreational Trail – Pitman Orchard to Milford BeachPocono Mountains (PA)PA5EasyHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash2Out and back77
86Delaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaCoppermines Trail to Kittatinny RidgeKittatinniesNJ7.8Moderate to StrenuousViewsAllowed on leash5Lollipop76
87Devil's Den PreserveDevil’s Den Preserve (Weston, CT)ConnecticutCT7Easy to ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsNo Dogs4.5Circuit63
88Dismal Harmony Natural AreaDismal Harmony Natural AreaMorris CountyNJ2.6Easy to ModerateWaterfallAllowed on leash2Lollipop39
89Eagle Rock ReservationEagle Rock Reservation LoopWatchungsNJ3.5EasyViewsAllowed on leash2Circuit18
90Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife RefugeSongbird Trail Hike in the Edwin B. Forsythe NWRJersey ShoreNJ5.1Easy to ModerateViewsNo Dogs2Lollipop117
91Estell Manor ParkEstell Manor ParkPinelandsNJ8.5EasyHistoric featureAllowed on leash4Circuit129
92Fahnestock State ParkAppalachian Trail/Three Lakes Trail Loop from Route 301Fahnestock State ParkNY5.7ModerateHistoric featureAllowed on leash3.5Circuit68
93Fahnestock State ParkAppalachian Trail/Blue Trail (Clear Lake) Loop from Route 301Fahnestock State ParkNY6.3ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsNo Dogs4Circuit68
94Fahnestock State ParkRound Hill LoopFahnestock State ParkNY4.6ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash3Circuit66
95Fahnestock State ParkRound Hill/East Mountain LoopFahnestock State ParkNY7.5ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash4.5Circuit66
96Fahnestock State ParkCharcoal Burners/Cabot/Perkins/Fahnestock Trail LoopFahnestock State ParkNY7.2ModerateViewsAllowed on leash4Circuit67
97Fahnestock State ParkThree Lakes Trail/Appalachian Trail Loop from Dennytown RoadFahnestock State ParkNY5Moderate to StrenuousHistoric feature, Views, WaterfallAllowed on leash4Circuit65
98Fahnestock State ParkCatfish Loop TrailFahnestock State ParkNY4.9Easy to ModerateViewsAllowed on leash3.5Circuit65
99Farny State ParkLoop Hike to Indian Cliffs from Timberbrook RoadMorris CountyNJ6.5ModerateViewsAllowed on leash4Circuit40
100Farny State ParkSplit Rock Loop/Four Birds Trail Short LoopMorris CountyNJ4ModerateHistoric feature, ViewsAllowed on leash3Circuit38
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